Our commitment to be a sustainable company.

We are part of different programs as a company that is promoting create awareness and responsibility towards making a change to preserve the environment.

Sustainable Tourism

Over the years, our daily contact with today´s Mayan People has given us the opportunity to participate in the economic, social, cultural and ecological development of the communities, in a responsible and respectful manner

A portion of all earnings that Coba Mayan Traditions generates is used to create and promote ecological and educational programs that directly benefit the Mayan communities,

Our tour guides actively participate in our commitment to find areas where we can be of genuine helps without changing the Mayan people´s way of life or distorting their natural course of development.

We work daily to insure that our tour operation does not create a negative impact on the region; implementing all possible ways to reduce and recycle all products consumed during the tour.

The last thing that we did was implement the electronic survey, so no more paper are used when the people that take the tour do the survey, we used to give one page per person, we used to spend thousands of paper sheets a month, not any more.

One program is called bottles for food consists that we collect of the bottled water that we consume in the tour and at the end of the tour the bottles are taken to a recycle center and they give the earnings of these bottles to the Mayan communities.