At the restaurant you will be able to try the different tastes of the peninsular cuisine!!

a non-alcoholic beverage is provided, Our buffet has lots of flavours for all tastes nothing too exotic just regular food like chicken, pork and beef, but with the special flavour that we can only find in the Mayan region, we have dishes for vegetarians and vegans too.


Cochinita pibil


The well known dish from the Yucatan peninsula, in other places of

Mexico people try the recipe, but only in The Yucatan can get

the taste, make sure you try the pork or chicken Pibil!



When tourist came here to Coba 20 years ago had a

problem with the spicy food, now at days you do not have to worry about it,

all the food is not spicy, but in case there are some adventurous people

we have green sauce Abanero be carful not Avocado sauce!

Chipotle, Mexican sauce, and of course Jalapeño.

The withe dry cheese is join the beans!



Make sure you try our delicious desserts, the restaurant has different flavours for different tastes, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, or salad fruit.