The lost Pyramid in the

Riviera Mayan

We are lucky, we can claim and see what only a few were allowed,

only Priests or elite people were able to claim and get close to

the gods.

Tropical Forrest

Our forest is a mix of jungle and tropical forest, we have all kinds of wildlife

living and coexisting with us at the site.





One of the most conserved buildings on the site.


The Ball Game.

The ball game is one of the most mystic traditions not only from the Mayas

We found ball courts all over Central America,

South America and the Caribbean Islands like Puerto Rico.


Nature repo

And abandoned place for centuries where the nature recovered

with structures full of vegetation.


Not just a Pyramid

The structure is not only a group of stones staked,

has and orientation, arithmetic calculations for every single stone.


Mayan Family

Cultures come and go, but the Mayas came to stay,

in the conquest lost their writting, but they kept

their language, and way of living,

some of them still cooking and eating

what their ancestors used to cook and eat

thousand years ago.



A garment worn by indigenous women from the peninsula

of Yucatan for over 450 years beautiful decorations

with flowers.


Close to the Gods.

The view from the Top of the Pyramid.